Who is Dave Fisher?

No-nonsense gym owner, Dave Fisher is a lifelong bodybuilder and training expert. With his 1993 IFBB North American Overall Winner title, Dave has been around the health and fitness field and holds vast amounts of knowledge on the rudimentary and even advanced aspects of health and wellness. On July 5, 2010, Dave Fisher opened Powerhouse Gym in Torrance and since then has expanded to another location in Torrance with over four times the space and available equipment. Dave no longer competes as a bodybuilder however he can be commonly be seen in his gym happily training and giving advice to all who inquire.

Dave Fisher's Accomplishments

1993 IFBB North American Overall Winner

Cover of 7 magazines

No-nonsense gym owner

Volunteer US Forest Ranger (3 years)

Columnist on Muscle Magazine International for 4 years

Some of His Highlights

Favorite Project

Mountain climbing has been a hobby of Dave Fisher’s for quite some time. As an extreme mountain climber (climbs during winter), Dave has conquered many local mountains which goes hand in hand with other hobbies Dave has.

Volunteer US Forrest Ranger
Private Pilots License

Work Process

Dave Fisher and his work process is no different than when he is training. Hard and smart work is the only way to continually grow and develop in both a personal and business sense. With the recent move in facilities to the now current Torrance location off of Hawthorne Boulevard, Dave has much more room to expand and grow his business. Dave strives to providing the cleanest, no-nonsense gym with a staff that is well educated. Dave believes that it is necessary to get your hands dirty and has no problems jumping right in to give attention to what is required at the moment.

Highest Accomplishment

Although Dave has many accomplishments to be proud of, his all-time favorite achievement is winning his IFBB Pro card. Dave stole the show in the 1993 North American Bodybuilding Championship as the overall winner. Receiving his pro card had been a life-long vision and has many years of dedication and work to back this accomplishment.

1993 Overall North American Bodybuilding Champion


Monday - Friday: 5:00am - 11:00pm

Saturday - Sunday: 6:00am - 6:00pm

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