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- driven people-
Driven People

Our members come from all walks of life, but we all have one thing in common, we are all driven to better ourselves. There is no ego at this gym, only people pushing their limits. We all support and push each other to try our best. Whether you need a spot for a heavy lift or advice on how to train to reach your goals, we are all here to help. When you come to this gym, you will see that our members are here to do one thing, TRAIN!

- bodybuilders-

If you're interested in bodybuilding then what place better to train than a gym built by an actual IFBB Pro? Dave Fisher has hand-picked every piece of equipment this gym has to offer and has created an atmosphere based on his experience of traveling around the world and visiting multiple well-known gyms during his bodybuilding career. There is no better gym for bodybuilders than Dave Fisher's Powerhouse Gym!

- powerlifters-

Here we provide you with all the equipment needed to train like a powerlifter. With two deadlift platforms, six squat racks, and an actual Forza bench press that is used in powerlifting competitions. If you want to train and push your limits to the max, then there is no other gym in the area that will not only provide you with the variety of equipment needed to train but also the motivative environment and support needed to push yourself.

Everything You Need

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Monday - Friday: 5:00am - 11:00pm

Saturday - Sunday: 6:00am - 6:00pm

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Dave Fiher's Powerhouse Gym Torrance

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